abstract reasoning

abstract reasoning

apstraktno rasuđivanje

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  • Reasoning — is the cognitive process of looking for reasons for beliefs, conclusions, actions or feelings. [ Kirwin, Christopher. 1995. Reasoning . In Ted Honderich (ed.), The Oxford Companion to Philosophy . Oxford: Oxford University Press: p. 748] Humans… …   Wikipedia

  • abstract — abstracts, abstracting, abstracted (The adjective and noun are pronounced [[t]æ̱bstrækt[/t]]. The verb is pronounced [[t]æbstræ̱kt[/t]].) 1) ADJ GRADED An abstract idea or way of thinking is based on general ideas rather than on real things and… …   English dictionary

  • abstract — adjective /ˈæbstrækt / (say abstrakt) 1. conceived apart from matter and from special cases: an abstract number. 2. theoretical; not applied: abstract science. 3. conceptual, as opposed to actual: *not only that abstract hunger for absent faces… …  

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  • reasoning — Synonyms and related words: Vernunft, abstract thought, act of thought, analysis, analytic, arguments, brain, brains, brainwork, cerebral, cerebration, cogitation, conceit, conception, conceptive, conceptual, conceptualization, creative thought,… …   Moby Thesaurus

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